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We at Nya, believe in a bright future, a future that will be greener and where sustainability will be the norm and not the exception. We believe that fashion can be harmless to the planet, and even become a cornerstone for a more eco-conscious society. We want to be part of that transformation and inspire our community in becoming a stakeholder of the green economy and the green lifestyle. We aim to make earth a better place for the future generation. Our product are of quality, sustainable and made in Europe.

It all started with a green pair of glasses that Yvonne, an expert in the field of eyewear and one of the co-founder of the brand, wore during a course she was attended during her Executive MBA at Essec and Mannheim.

The glasses were trendy with a vibrant green color that quickly caught the attention of her teammates and some even wanted to order them but replace the lenses with sunglasses lenses. The enthusiasm around the glasses and her personal belief that Fashion could be caring and have a purpose gave her the idea to launch an eco-friendly sunglasses brand. She was able to convince four of her teammates with complementary expertise: Marketing for Djeneba, Project Management for Harsha and Franck and, Sales for Farouk. They joined their professional expertise and their diverse cultural wealth (France, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Belgium, India, Canada, Mali and Ivory Coast) to launch E&M Heroes, a start up that they named after the place that allowed them to met: ESSEC and Mannheim Business School. And this is how the brand “nya”, which mean “eye” (in Bambara a native language from West Africa) was born.


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